Fresh British runner beans, broad beans, green beans and peas

Entertaining friends, alfresco eating and fantastic family feasts allow you to make the most of the summer time. Freshly picked and full of flavour, British beans and peas are integral ingredients of a truly British summer.

British broad beans are world-renowned for their taste and if you haven’t had runner beans for a while, now’s the time to rediscover them. Green beans are a cook's versatile friend, and don’t miss out on the sweetest peas, which are so fresh you’ll be munching away before you have chance to cook with them!

If it’s a while since you’ve podded and sliced your way through nature’s summer feast, don’t worry, it’s simple to do and part of the fun. The first-ever British Bean and Pea Academy is a foolproof step-by-step guide to help you through the season. If you’re blessed with little helpers, get them in on the act with our kids cookery class in Full of Beans... many hands make light work!

Make the most of this season’s bounty and create your very own Tastes of Summer!